OKM added value for civilian market

The rising tide of crime in the various regions of the world, along with the inability of the authorities to provide adequate protection to its citizens leads to a continued deterioration of the average civilian's level of security. 


Every responsible citizen in order to minimize risk and improve his/her standard of living and that of his/her loved ones should be aware that in his/her hands lies much of the solution to this problem.  By training in Operational Krav-Maga, the average citizen will develop security awareness capabilities, learn how to adopt risk-reducing and preventing behaviors, the fundamentals of preventing criminal actions, the handling of serious incidents as well as developing competence in self defense skills that will enable success in physical confrontations if there is no other option available. 


OKM through its special methodology provides the ideal solution to this problem. Unlike the vast majority of martial arts and self defense systems, OKM focuses not only on developing the student's technical skills for successful engagement of possible violent encounters, but provides its practitioners the appropriate skills that will improve their quality of life in all matters related to personal safety and security, as well as the tools required for the prevention of possible confrontations.

OKM helps to improve the citizen quality of life trhough the development of different skills , such as environmental awareness, risks analisys, early identification of possible aggression, incidents management, conflict resolution, decision making in stressful situations, etc.