Gabi Shai

Gabi (Gabriel) Shai (Schain), retired officer of the Israeli Security Agency (SHABAK), B.Ed in Physical Education by the Academic College in Wingate and Krav-Maga Expert, possesses a broad educational and operational experience in the various branches of the security, Counter-terrorism and crime prevention.
Much of his professional work has been dedicated to the education of his students/trainees, regardless of the functions and characteristics of these. From youth at risk, through IDF special units, up to governmental security services, intelligence and counter-intelligence agents and officers.

Continuing his educational vision, in recent decades, Gabi has adapted the principles of Operational Krav Maga, whose development dates back to the early 80s, for its implementation in the civilian world, in his attempt to contribute in improving the quality of life of citizens. A not so easy task, which is carried out successfully by OKM international representatives and instructors.

Gabi's Professional Milestones


Emigrated as a volunteer to Israel

1973 - 1976 Academic College at Wingate

Physical Education Studies

Start of Krav-Maga specilization 



Wingate Institute

Director of General Sports Instructor's Course for Youth

at Risk  

GM Imi Sde-Or Assitant in Krav-Maga lessons

1977 - 1979


Operational Skills Instructor

Assitant of GM Eli Avikzar, IDF Krav-Maga Section Commander

1980 - 1996

Israeli Security Agency

Krav-Maga and Operational Skills instructor

Manager of Krav-Maga Section 

Developer of Integrated Training Concept

Specialized in the various branches of Security

Projector and first instructor of Duvdevan IDF Commando Unit

1996 - 2001

Dani-Hi Training site at Cesarea Shooting Ranges

VP & General Manager 

2001 - up to date

ISIT Ltd. International Security Advisor licenced by de Israeli MOD

Institucionalization of O.K.M.

Operational Krav-Maga 

Development of AMOT - Advanced Methodology for Operational TRaining

Director of Krav-Maga International projects at the Academic College at Wingate

Lecturer at the International Institute for Leadership  - Israel