The failure of the traditional security system in its confrontation with global terrorism and the continuous growth of urban crime, encourages a conceptual change from a passive / reactive security system to a proactive security approach. This approach's main objective is to prevent criminal acts / violence by developing security awareness, improving operational capability and ensuring the early detection of an aggressor’s intentions.


The need for this conceptual shift raises the following question: Is it possible to train security personnel / police and civilianls in proactive security concepts through traditional training processes and methods?


AMOT is derived from a thorough analysis of partially successful and failed encounters between security / police forces as well as civilians and their adversaries. We learn that the lack of knowledge or technical ability isn’t the main cause of that failure, but components such as lack of operational awareness, the lack of early identification of opponents, failures in incident management and decision-making processes and other items which are often not covered in standard training procedures.


In conjunction to  traditional security knowledge and skills teaching, and without the need of additional training time, AMOT bridges the gap between current needs that arise due to the situation at hand, and the traditional methodologies that are inadequate for a constantly changing reality.


AMOT, based in the foundations experiential learning transforms the training process into a unique experience in which the practitioner, through personal and group experience, gradually learns the range of relevant operational skills  essential to their continued careers as security professionals.


Over the past decade, the AMOT methodology has been adapted to the various problems and incidents experienced by regular citizens, forced to plan every routine activity continuously applying the basics of crime prevention proactive concept, in order to have the opportunity to return back home safely.